The Alchemy of Stuttering- A Spiritual Approach Part 1

I have spoken briefly in previous posts, about the different forms of speech therapy for stuttering that are available to people who stutter, and I have also spoken briefly about the various methods of approaching the psychological side of stuttering/stammering, but are you aware that you can alter your experiences associated with stuttering/stammering, (and speaking anxiety in general), by actively altering the way that you see and interact with other people, and the world around you.

I believe that stuttering is like a vine that has wrapped itself around every aspect of your being, and in order to remove the influence of stuttering from your life, you not only need to look at using some of these mainstream speech therapy approaches, but you also need to understand how these vines have formed, and how they influence your behaviour, and then how to go about removing these vines. These vines are made up of issues to do with:
1) Judgement
2) Perfection
3) Expectation
4) Power
5) Control
6) Acceptance
7) Approval
 8) Fear
Now this is by no means an exhaustive list of what I believe make up the vines that hold stuttering in place, but I believe that they encompass many of the major issues that we all need to look at. As mentioned, this list is not exhaustive and each of us will have additional vines specific to our own persona, but I think what I have to say here, will get you thinking about the type of individual emotion or behaviour, that could be holding stuttering and speaking anxiety in place for you. You are unlikely to read this anywhere else so let’s go slowly and look at these in turn closely.
Judgement makes up one of the main vines that holds stuttering in place. When you are speaking in a dysfluent manner, you are invariably engaged in running a “mind reading” program in your head, while at the same time you are trying to operate a...