Study in China

Study Plan in China

  My name is Miss Kunyaporn Horwanpakorn. I am studying at Huazhong University of science and technology. I am pursuing my Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and going to complete the program in June, 2017. I am writing study plan to apply for China Scholarship Council.
  Before I decided to study clinical medicine, I graduated from the faculty of pharmacy from Thailand. After the graduation I have worked at a consult, giving information and detail about drug and medical equipment at a drug store in Thailand. I saw so many people suffer from different kind of symptoms and diseases. They have taken a lot of medicines and have gone to every doctor appointments in time but still getting worse and worse. I asked them “How did you take your medicine?”, “How did you take care yourself after you know that you got this disease?”, “Do you know about the disease that you have?” Their answer was that they didn't know anything about their illness. They knew only that they should take their medicine that the doctor ordered because Medicine is good for them but they didn’t know any side effect of the medicines that they've taken. They didn't even knew why they should take medicine or when they should take them, before or after meal and this problem make them unable to follow the right medical treatments. Finally, if they have bad luck, they could get another disease when they took the medicines wrongly, such as Aspirin (one of drug for treat fever, prevent heart attack and stroke) that they should take it   immediately after meal. If take before meal, you could get another disease. That disease is peptic ulcer (mainly for this symptom is abdomen stomachache). Moreover if they took medicine everyday without changing their behavior such as eating food, exercising, drinking beverage etc. They won't be able to get better. When I studied faculty of pharmacy, I know the details all of medicine but the basic of symptom are not much therefore I...