Chapter 12: Effective Communication and Team Building
Case Study
Eric is the nursing supervisor in charge of the hospital operations during the 3-to-11 shift. Joyce is the charge nurse in the emergency department (ED), and Diane is the charge nurse in the intensive care unit (ICU). The three met one evening to discuss problems with moving patients out of the ED and into beds in the ICU. As they sit to discuss the issues, Eric sits behind his desk, folds his hands, crosses his legs, and begins glancing at a paper on his desk. Joyce sits across from Eric with her legs and arms crossed. She looks directly at Eric. Diane pulls a chair from the wall, placing it near the corner of the desk forming, a triangle with the other two participants. She sits down, leans forward, and smiles.
Question 1: What are the nonverbal cues from each of the participants?

Eric – folds his hands, crosses his legs and looks down at his paper.

Joyce- legs and arms are crossed. Looks directly at Eric.

Diane- leans forward and smiles.

Eric initiates the conversation with, "There is a problem with the flow between the ICU and ED involving admitting patients. I want us all to work this out." He continues to avoid eye contact with the other two. Joyce states, "It's not our problem. If the ICU won't take the patients, they have to sit. I've had them waiting as long as 6 hours for a bed. That is completely unacceptable." As she speaks, Joyce points at Diane but stares at Eric. Diane, continuing to smile and maintaining eye contact, replies, "I understand the problem from your perspective and want to work it out with you. Let me explain how it looks from the ICU side and we can work together."
Question 2: Identify the verbal and nonverbal facilitative and obstructive messages from each of the participants in this case.




The three agree on a process to facilitate the transition from ED to ICU. Eric makes a summary report of the meeting and submits it to...