Dear xxxx

In recognition of the fact that work placements offer an unrivalled learning experience for students, we have included a compulsory assessed work experience element in all of our   undergraduate degree programmes.

The School of xxxx has three undergraduate degree programmes,x, y and z. For each of these programmes, there are two pathways which include either a:
  1. short placement of 16 weeks, to be carried out between Easter and September of the student’s second year   (3 year option)
  2. long placements of a full year placement (46 weeks), to be carried out between Easter of the student’s second year and the following September when they return to their studies at Queen’s. (4 year option – ‘with Professional studies’)

I am writing at this stage to ask if you would be willing to offer either short or long placements for students on either of the two degree programmes from April/May 20XX.

Should you take on a placement student, you would;
    • have access to an employee with interest and knowledge within his/her subject area who could contribute to your company through the work they carry out whilst on placement;
    • have potential to carry out project or other work which you would like done but have no-one currently available to do so;
    • be able to promote your company to the student whilst on placement and through the student to others on the student’s return to their studies.
    • have an opportunity to consider the student as a potential employee on graduation.

The placements will be assessed and count towards the student’s degree classification and as such students will be expected to carry out the following whilst on placement:
  1. Maintain a portfolio, including a reflective journal, of the work they carry out.
  2. Carry out a number (2 for the short placement and 4 for the long placement) of work based learning exercises. These will include looking a certain aspects of the company with which they are based, to...