Ford Motor Company

There comes a time for every business, no matter how big or small, when they run out of room to grow. It is a very uncertain time when they must step out of their comfort zone and out into the unknown where competition is fierce. In my research I intend to go behind the scenes through a period of reconstruction of a proud automaker with rich history, Ford Motor Company. I plan on taking a look at Ford’s decline in sales, the new decision-making strategies they came up with to cope with this time, their current overall stage, and lastly take a look at how they plan to attack the future of the automotive industry by learning from their mistakes. Also, I will use examples from Michael Porter’s model to evaluate how Ford maintained its competitive advantage through a time of reinvention. To wrap it all up, I will give my personal opinion on this company based on the facts presented in the research paper.

Table of Contents
  I. The decline of Ford Motors
  A) Ford accepts it decline
  B) Evaluating Ford’s financial losses
  C) Downsizing its North American operations
  II. Ford Motor’s Plan for Recovery
  A) Hiring new CEO
  B) The way forward
  C) Ford chooses   private solution for regaining its corporate health
  D) Culture change led to success
  III. Ford’s current stage
  A) Ford Motor cuts debt
  B) Ford at the top of consumer’s best liked auto brands
  C) Evolving technology
  IV. Conclusion
  A) Learning from mistakes
  B) Future goals
  C) Recommendations

Ford Motor Company
Since the company's founding in 1903, the name Ford has been synonymous with the automotive industry. Company founder Henry Ford Sr. became known for innovation and transforming his company into an American icon. Ford is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan specializing in the manufacture of passenger cars, trucks, and tractors as well as automotive parts and accessories.   Currently, Ford is the second largest...