Student Learning Success

In this Student Learning Success class I have noticed that I am doing well in defining my study habits and what will best work for me. I am learning how to be a successful online student by identifying how I learn and how to use the tools provided in order for me to be successful. With this assignment that I received, I learned how to better navigate the blackboard and the CSU website. This will enable me to make better use of the website when I take classes in the future.
With the feedback provided from my professor, I am able to see that CSU fits my goals and that I have a clear understanding on how to write an essay; however, I need to focus on each paragraph having topic sentences and clearly stating the thesis when necessary. I also need to end my essays with a clear conclusion and restate my thesis. Due to the fact that these deficiencies have been identified to me early in the course, I have the rest of the course to get it right. By the end of this course, my writing skills should have enhanced to my professor’s standards.
The skills that I can use to improve are to utilize the Student Success Specialist, continue to build from the feedback given to me from my professor and continue to wright. The only way for me to get better is to practice in order to make it perfect. Also, I need to continue to identify my weak areas and strengthen them to make me a successful student in this course.