Student Against Overpriced Book

Iandry Rabe

ENGL 107

Word Counts: 1,057

Students against Overpriced Books

Nowadays, money has become a very important resource for everybody, especially for students who just graduated from high school. Going to college is now a big deal for a family that wants their kids to attend college because the cost of the education keeps rising, and it is hard for the parents to keep up with the spending for their kids. That is why, after paying the tuition, it is so difficult for the parents to afford books. Books are one of the most important spending that the students have to face during their studies after the tuition. What is the best way for students to spend less on their books? The students should unify themselves to create an association or a platform where they will be able to sell, rent or buy their books at affordable price to cut down their expenses.

The cost of the books is a major expense, after tuition, room and boards, and meal plans. The problem is that when students are shopping for their books, the first resource that is available to them is the bookstore of the campus. It is convenient for the students because they do not have to go far and they have the possibility to pay the book without having to use their cash, but rather by putting all the expense on their student account. Even though it is convenient, the prices displays by the bookstore are high compared to regular stores available in the city or online. The students may not realize that because they put everything in their account, so they do not have an exact idea on how much they are paying for their books throughout the semester. The sale of overpriced books is an example on how colleges take advantage of the students during their studies. When the bookstore knows that some of the books used by the students will be needed the year after, they buy those books back from students who are willing to sell theirs. But the price they buy the books back is 80% less than the original...