Structuralist Essay

The deliberate systematic and physical extermination of the Jews was implemented by the Nazis, as a result of unsuccessful and inefficient methods to annihilate the Jews. The failure of the Nuremburg laws, ghettos, Einsatzgruppen mass shootings, gas vans and the Madagascar plan led the Nazis to adopt the Final Solution during the Wansee Conference.
Nazi ideology, comprised of elements of anti-Semitism, the creation of a Herrenrasse (master race), Social Darwinism and lebensraumpolitik (creation of more living space for Germany) were influenced by Hitler’s racial ideology. Mein Kampf was evidence to Hitler’s anti-Semitic view, referring Jews as ‘parasites’ and ‘a maggot in a rotting body’. Hitler perceived Germany’s defeat in WWI, subsequent economic problems and descent of the Aryan race as the result of the contamination of the pure Aryan blood and soul by the parasitic untermensch (subhuman) Jews, who were considered lebensunwertes (life unworthy). Hence, Hitler saw ‘The mightiest counterpart to the Aryan is represented by the Jew’, and that the destruction of the inferior Jewish race was essential for the survival of the superior pure Aryan race. The intensification of Nazi anti-Semitic principles instigated a number of solutions to the ‘Jewish problem’, which ultimately led to the implementation of the Final Solution.
The Nuremburg Laws were announced in 1935, institutionalized Nazi Anti-Semitic ideology, with the purpose of removing Jewish influences from the Aryan society and creating "a level ground on which the German people may find a tolerable relation with the Jewish people."   The laws deprived Jews of political, civil, legal and economic rights such as the revocation from Reich citizenship and the ‘Ayranization’ of Jewish business. The Nuremburg law were implemented to ostracize, discriminate and expel Jews from German society and was the precursor to Jewish deportation into ghettos, in order to assist Hitler in achieving his goal of a homogeneous and...