Ways in which managers motivate employees
We did some research amongst some companies and informative material and we have gathered the most consistent and effective methods that managers use to motivate their employees.
Firstly before managers can start motivating others they need to motivate themselves because if you are motivated yourself then it will be much easier to motivate others and if you know what motivates you, it will give you a better understanding of what motivates others.
Managers set up good working environments because they cant always be around to motivate employees, employees also need to be motivated by themselves. Managers balance and set up the goals of the organisation to match those of the employees because having motivated employees won’t help unless they are aligned to the goals of the company.
Systems and procedures are created to motivate employees, for example a compensation system, or K.P.A or an employee’s performance system. Another effective way of motivating the employees is if the manager practices what he or she preaches and that you as a manager can also perform the tasks that the employees are required to do.
Managers show care and concern for the employees and get to know them on a personal level, this makes them more comfortable and more willing to speak about any problems that may be affecting them or their work.
Another effective way that the managers use to motivate their employees is by not doing everything on their own. They give employees tasks, responsibilities and authority,   they allow employees to make decisions on how to carry out the duty. This gives the employees the impression that the company wants them to take on more important and stronger roles.
Managers don’t criticise a lot and focus on what the employees are doing wrong and on their weaknesses, instead they focus on the employees strengths and see how they can work towards that.
Managers also speak to employees and ask them what it is that they...