Strength-Year of Wonders

It is during our times of greatest trials and hardships that we realise our own strength and power. Discuss

During The Year of Wonders we see a lot of different characters show strength and power because of many different situations that arise. Some characters show strength when they lose someone that they dearly loved from the plague and have to regain strength and power to keep living their lives, while others show will power as they overcome their past and start a new life. Other characters in the novel also get blamed for some things they did not do but take it on the chin to better the town, this shows great strength because the character is being criticised for something they didn’t do just to benefit the entire town.

During the entire novel of The Year of Wonders we see so many different people go through the trauma of losing a loved one, but Anna doesn’t lose one loved one, she loses many. During these hard times on Anna’s life is when she show’s her greatest asset which is strength and power. Anna Frith shows that she is able to bounce back from negative experiences such as when her husband Sam Frith passed away Anna showed courage in her ability to ‘tend to so many [other] people’ including her children in whom she gave all her love to. After Anna’s babies passed away Anna continued to show strength by showing her love to the people around her. Such as tending to others even though she was hurting on the inside, Anna had the physical strength to go to others and sit with them as they slowly passed, but she also had the mental strength to get through each day, to get herself out of bed each morning and to try to continue to live life as normal as she possibly could.

People’s past can play a major role on how they live their everyday life even if they have nothing to do with their past. Some people’s pasts are not as bright as others which is why it is hard for some people to overcome their past and start fresh. Elinor Mompellion shows will power...