Street Car

The illusion of Mitch begins once he meets Blanche, and eventually she starts to think that maybe he is the one for her. Immediately, she realizes that Mitch needs someone as well as she does but, Blanche has learned from her mistakes by breaking the norm of her past illusions and entering a reality by giving an effort to take it slow. But at the same time, she is telling Mitch how she is old fashioned and tries to be as much of a sweetheart as possible, while not revealing her age or past. So then Mitch as the momma's boy he is believes everything Blanche tells him. The fact is that his mother is sick and is not going to live long and tells Blanche that he has spoken to his mother about her, Blanche was stunned because he is falling for her and wants to even get married to her. This gives Blanche the illusion and also Mitch of a second chance in life. But eventually dreams are somewhat better then reality in this case because, Stanley doesn't buy into her act, he as a well rounded individual knows and discovered Blanche's history, by questioning her about her past few years. Stanley then finds out the truth, he goes all out to destroy her illusions and let everyone know the real Blanche Dubois. He does this to try and protect his long time friend Mitch.

.   He does this half because he is straightforward and doesn't like

to be deceived (ex. - he doesn't like it when Blanche doesn't want to tell

him about Belle Reve) and half because at first he believed some of the

things she had told them (like the Belle Reve story and how she was just on

vacation) and it by doing it, it was like a self - redemption.

        When she was caught in her illusions (or lies), Blanche said to


                "I don't want realism.   I want magic!   Yes, yes, magic!

                I try to give that to people. I misrepresent things to them.

                I don't tell truth, I tell what ought to be truth.

                And if...