Strees at Workplace

Stress at workplace

      Work stress is a negative factor, leading to a lot of emotional and physical instabilities in people’s lives. Working under pressure to meet job quotas and deadlines, high work volume and layoffs, could be the reason why individuals feel emotionally unstable, inefficient and unsecure in their jobs. For example, working in an accounting office I have to meet my manager’s expectations to process a minimum of 1,800 invoices on a monthly basis, and at the same time to meet customer’s satisfactions of paying over thousands of invoices on a timely manner. The goal to perform these operations could be an easy task if there weren’t other outside variables, such as customers’ phone calls, urgent e-mails, team meetings and of course technical issues like server outages, system errors or crashes. These obstacles are often causing anger and frustration every time I had to skip my lunch or stay overtime in order to finish the assigned work and meet the corporate deadlines. In fact the change of my eating habits and late shifts has led to constant stomach-ache, lack of productivity and focus. Furthermore, all employees have to face the consequences of the global economic crisis, hence in the past 6 months our working hours decreased from 40 to 35 weekly, and the salaries dropped by 6%. Although I am employed, thoughts of further corporate changes and the fear of unemployment are still crossing my mind. Having to deal with stress of this kind altered my life to a possible future of instability. As a result, I had to think of the solution on how I could pertain to my work more efficiently and less stressful, so I decided to better organize my daily tasks and use the needed one hour lunch time to relax or socialize with co-workers. In conclusion work stress has harmful influence on people’s lives and they have to find the way to manage it.

      Work stress is a negative factor, leading to a lot of emotional and physical instabilities in people’s...