As one steps into adulthood life starts putting obstacles in their paths.   Many people experience day to day problems that affect them in reaching life goals.   My day to day problem is juggling my personal life (e.g. family), my employment (e.g. Police Officer), and at the present time going back to school (e.g. student).   I realize that I have to develop a strategy where I can dedicate the acceptable amount of time to each of them before it is too late and lose one.   “Whether the goal is an M.B.A. or a bachelor's degree that will assist a career change, going back to school as an adult is often a lesson in time management and prioritizing”   (Hoak, July) .
In order to solve my problems, I need to figure out my priorities and organize my activities. When it concerns my family it becomes extremely difficult for me. I am a dedicated father and husband.   When I am not with my family, I feel as if I am abandoning them.   My children are currently four and five, and my biggest fear is that I will miss an important part of their lives. I know I have the support of my family, but it is a personal problem I have within me and it is hard to explain and understand.   I believe the problem stems from the age of nine with my father leaving and abandoning my mother, sister, and I. One of the advantages of my job is that I get out of work early enough to make it home and have dinner with my family, play games with my children and read a bedtime story to them.   Once my children are tucked in their beds and sleeping, it is time to focus on my school work.
“It’s important that students don't allow the demands of school to affect performance at the workplace” (Hoak, July).   I am very fortunate that my employment is supportive of an officer who wants to go to school to obtain his/her bachelors degree.   Working as a police officer requires a great deal of concentration and focus.

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During my day at work I cannot let the stress of school interfere with my...