Strategies Shortage & Surplus of Premier Bank of Bangladesh

Strategies for managing shortage of manpower
Every bank follows some strategy.   As a prominent bank of Bangladesh Premier Bank also follow some strategies. A strategy for managing shortage of manpower is one of them. Premier Bank maintains some shortage of manpower by doing some work. Those are given below:
Offer incentives to postpone retirement: Skill person are always needed everywhere. In the         situation of postponed retirement cases Premier Bank give some extra incentives to the aged & skill employee & try to stay with Premier Bank. Another thing is Premier Bank offer those employees some extra incentives for their work. These incentives are determine by negotiation between the employee & Premier Bank.
Rehire Retires Part-time: In the bargaining situation of higher level Premier Bank follow rehire retires part-time strategy. In this shortage strategy Premier Bank rehire their retire employee to fulfill the higher level post. So they offer those retire skilled employees to work as a part-timer with some incentives.
Attempt to reduce turn over: To reduce turn over, Premier Bank follows some strategy like they offer some occasional incentives, High security, handsome salary, Transport Facility & Favorable environment etc. By this way they try to reduce the turn over rate of Premier Bank.
Work Current staff over time:   In the shortage manpower cases, Premier Bank offers their employees to do overtime to finish the goal of the month. For this reason they offer high incentives to their employees.
Hire temporary employees: To fulfill the goal of bank, Premier bank hire some temporary employees in different cases. But the rate of hire temporary employees is not so high. For the occasional cases they recruit those employees to perform some particular work.

Strategies for managing surplus of manpower:  
In Surplus cases Premier Bank tries to reduce their employees & try to turn their bank on break-even point. So they follow strategies...