Strategic Plan

Executive Summary
Florida’s economy is heading straight towards recession. According to Lewis Goodkin President of Goodkin Consulting Corp. and Florida property appraiser for more than 30 years, “Florida is the epicenter for all the problems that exist in the housing industry…the problems we have now are unprecedented and a lot of people are going to get burnt, (Irvy, 2007, p. 1). Where does that leave companies that rely upon the housing and construction industries for survival?
In response to the massive decline of the Florida construction and housing industries many companies have fallen victim to insolvency, others struggle with survival and a limited few some how manage to grow. When faced with such drastic changes to the industries, companies must decide whether to venture into other markets in hopes of growing, scale back in hopes of surviving or remain status quo and hope for the best. Regardless the choice, companies must put together a plan that focuses on the choices made and establishes objectives and priorities that lead to the company’s ultimate goal. Companies can survive and grow or succumb to defeat and join the masses of other companies that made wrong choices or simply chose the easy way out and close the doors.
The following paper presents the strategic planning initiative for Gulf Tile Distributors (GTD) for 2008. The process begins with a brief description of the company, its mission, vision and commitment. Following the company information will be analyses of the environments, both internal and external, affecting the company’s performance. Focusing on the analyses results, long-term objectives will be developed and an implementation strategy will be put into action. The final sections will include financial analyses, critical success factors, controls and evaluation processes. The entire plan is designed for GTD’s survival and ultimate growth in the highly volatile Florida construction and housing industry.
Company Background