Strategic Plan

Nonprofit organizations hold our admiration for their tireless commitment and innovative approaches to combating our most urgent social problems. They are continuously developing and implementing programs to improve the well-being of individuals and communities – often doing so against tremendous odds and with limited funding and resources.
Despite this, however, their success in addressing these social problems has generated an increased demand for their services. Federal, state, and local governments – including Fairfax County – continue to turn to nonprofits as service providers and partners to collectively attack the communities’ most pressing social issues. Nonprofits are obligated to develop new and more innovative ways of making tangible progress towards their mission – which requires building organizational capacity.
Unfortunately, nonprofit organizations don’t often have the time or resources to focus on organizational capacity building that is necessary to effectively achieve their mission. As such, in 2010, human service agencies for Fairfax County developed the “Listening Project” to assess the nonprofit community’s strengths and weaknesses overall and for capacity building services and growth relating to service gaps for disabled adults, housing, legal and mental and behavioral health and to determine the most effective relationship between Fairfax County and the nonprofit sector. As a result of this assessment, the Community Capacity Building (CCB) Unit was created.
Headquartered at the Government Center Complex in Fairfax, CCB is comprised of two employees – the Program Director and Program Administrator. CCB’s role is to provide its nonprofit partners with resources to effectively achieve its mission – therefore improving the well-being of individuals and communities through better service delivery. This can be achieved by providing collaborative leadership to projects with countywide impact; identifying community strengths, challenges, interests...