Strategic Plan

Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan Draft
      Kudler Fine Foods will be the premiere gourmet grocery chain with stores in California, New York, Washington, and Miami. Kudler will establish an electronic commerce presence on the worldwide web allowing Kudler to reach national and international customers looking for the very best in service, gourmet foods, and cooking utensils.
Mission statement
      In an effort to provide a clear organizational mission for employees and management, a refined mission statement has been created. The new mission sets the standard for excellence in gourmet food, customer service, and employee satisfaction. This new mission will lead to customer loyalty and a measurably greater return on investment. The updated mission statement should define what Kudler Fine Foods is, how Kudler Fine Foods will provide the best gourmet and culinary experience for the discriminating palate, and the direction Kudler will like to take into the future. 
      “Kudler Fine Foods will provide the best in gourmet and culinary experiences for customers with discriminating tastes in haute cuisine. Focusing on national and international growth and quality Kudler will set the standard for excellence in service and fine foods.”
Company Values
      Kudler Fine Foods is dedicated to the highest ethical standards. Kudler will treat customers, suppliers, investors and employees with honesty, fairness, and respect. Kudler Fine Foods will act responsibly in all environments and communities it serves. All of Kudler Fine Foods business and social activities will be conducted at these standards.

      Kudler Fine food’s objective is to expand into new markets within five years (new locations such as Carlsbad in southern California and the San Francisco area) and grow in size (gain new customers, increase profit of average sale, increase repeat business). Kudler’s ultimate goal is to compete in high-end communities such as Scottsdale Arizona;...