Strategic Plan Part Ii


Strategic Plan Part II: SWOTT Analysis

University of Phoenix
BUS 475/GA12BSA01

August 13, 2012

Strategic Plan Part II: SWOTT Analysis
Even though A SWOTT Analysis could help it may not be needed for any company to succeed.   DV Holdings Group Inc. has a great strategic plan in place and with the help of a SWOTT Analysis they will be able to have more success.   The SWOTT Analysis will allow them to identify weaknesses and make corrections and DV Holdings Group Inc. will also be able to see how well they can adapt to different situations.   Within an organization there will always be external forces and trends that will guide your own organization.   Some of these will be listed below.
Legal and Regulatory
Within the real estate business there are many laws and regulations that must be followed.   There are strict guidelines for contracts within the real estate realm.   There are numerous lawyers that are assigned just to handle real estate laws and regulations.   Most of the laws and regulations have been established to protect the home buyer, the investors, and the real estate agent.   These laws are every changing because of the numerous real estate programs available to the consumer.  
For many people, real estate is the single most expensive purchase during their lifetimes.   This is the reason that as many laws and regulations are needed to protect their investments.   DV Holdings Group Inc. is into rehabbing homes that have possibly been owned by many different homeowners.   It is vital to have a good record of the home since it was constructed.   Many home owners want to know the history of the home they live in.   There are some major issues that could arise as far as legal and regulatory problems.   DV Holdings Group must stay aware of new laws and regulations as they come out, or the possibility for lawsuits could be large.
The strengths of DV...