Stranger in a Village

A Stranger in a Village
To be a stranger in a village, or community, does not necessarily mean to be excluded or exiled. To be a stranger in a village would mean that you do not belong in this type of village, or “clique” that it is referred to as many people nowadays. Several people have encountered this feeling one point in time in their lives, but for me, believe it or not, this instance is on my high school baseball team. I am a gifted athlete; making the varsity team as a sophomore and outperforming many upperclassmen, one would think that I would be received well by teammates. I am well respected, in fact, but I do not belong with the mixture that the team is composed of.
Virtually everyone on the team has an atmosphere that is mostly portrayed in their home school: cocky, stubborn, disrespectful towards the game and dare I say stupid. My personality of strong passion for the game of baseball, intelligence, and mutual respect everyday comes into unknown territory which should not occur for a “team” which is something that you use to bond with others. The opposite happens; every day I return to the field wanting to know less and less of my teammates, which strains chemistry, which hurts on field performance. However, don’t be mistaken, my teammates are all very talented and we have the potential to take off some year and bring the best year of baseball our home campus has ever seen. In my opinion though, if there’s one thing that’s holding us back from super stardom, is our lack our truly coming together and gelling, which is the cherry on top whenever a team has the talent.
Looking back on it, there have been a few changes since my freshman year, when I first joined the program. Some people have matured, majority hasn’t but a few have taken the next step, and it’s those few that have excelled. So when I think about how things have altered and morphed since I was a freshman, it’s taught me that you could have all the talent in the world, and you’d still...