Str 581 Week 4 Paper

Strategic Choice and Evaluation for
Abrazo Community Health Network

Abrazo Community Health Network
Abrazo Community Health Network (aka Abrazo or Abrazo Healthcare) is a network of hospitals, primary care services, urgent cares and emergency care services that serves the greater Phoenix metro area (Abrazo Community Health Network, 2015)” and was recently purchased by a large for-profit national hospital system, Tenet Healthcare (THC). Abrazo’s closest competitor is HonorHealth is also a for-profit system and which recently claimed the 3rd biggest market share for the phoenix metro area; pushing Abrazo down to the number 4 slot. Since most of Abrazo Community Health Networks’ competitors are non-for-profit systems and revenues are highly dependent on contract power; Abrazo would perhaps need to undergo a “clinical transformation” that would lead to better management of productivity and efficiency (Scott 2014).   Such strategy would require Abrazo Healthcare to creat and implement a long term strategy that would align their activities with their mission and vision. By choosing a value discipline that would make Abrazo Healthcare a regional leader in that area; the organization will be able to face off the competition in areas where they are not as strong. Meanwhile, a generic and grand strategy will support the overall mission and vision of the company.
Value Discipline
Customer Intimacy
To help people achieve health for life, as Abrazo’s mission states, would require the organization to adapt a set of values and strategies to bring them closer to their customers and maximize the value they bring to their patients. Considering that Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and most insurance companies have started to use customer feedback and quality metric as a component of their payments, It should be considered a priority for the organization to strive and better their scores.
Generic Strategy
Lower Cost of Operation