John Calvin
  Born July 10, 1509 in Noyon, France
      Raised in a strict Roman Catholic family.
      His father wanted Calvin to be a Priest
      When he was 14 Calvin went to Paris to study at the College de   Marche to study for university
      He studied, grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry,   astronomy, and music
      In 1523 Calvin transferred to the more famous College Montaigu
        In 1527, Calvin became friends with some people who where ‘reform-minded’   and eventually turned to ‘Reformed Faith’ which is the basis   of scepticism.
      Because of his work with the Reformed Faith, it is also known   as Calvinism
      By 1528 Calvin moved to Orleans to study civil law
      By 1532 Calvin finished his law studies and also published   his first book, a commentary on De Clementia by the Roman philosopher,   Seneca
      Around 1533, Calvin fled Paris. He lived in various places   under various names, while he studied on his own, preached,   and began work on his work, the Institutes of the Christian   Religion
      In 1536 Calvin separated himself from the Roman Catholic Church   and made plans to leave France and go to Strasbourg
      Because of a war between Francis I and Charles V, he made a detour   to Geneva
      Calvin had become very famous in Geneva, and a local reformer,   Farel, invited him to stay.
      He began as a lecturer and preacher
      In 1538 was asked to leave Geneva because of theological conflicts
      He went to Strasbourg until 1541
      He lived peacefully, and happily as a pastor to French refugees,   until 1541 when the Council of Geneva requested that he came   back
      He had a great difficultly deciding whether or not he should   return to Geneva
      He loved his life in Strasbourg, but he felt a responsibility   to return to Geneva
      He did return to Geneva, where he lived until his death on May   27, 1564
      His last years were filled with...