1986 Space Shuttle

I was working in Kennedy Space Center in Florida, as an engineer. I’m studying about repairing and construction of spacecraft, and sometimes do safety checks before spacecraft launching. I came back to my home after working. Feeling extremely tired, and went to bed immediately after stepped into my house. And I had a dream, which became one of the crew members who joined the Space Shuttle Challenger mission in 1986. I was working in Kennedy Space Center, and realized that Space Shuttle Challenger would launch at January 22, 1986.

In dream, I was chosen to the 25th mission of Space Shuttle Challenger, with other 6 crew members. Some of them were spotted by media; like Christa McAuliffe, she was the first civilians who join the mission. She was assigned to teach students on space. I met with other members, they were friendly and excellent, and they taught me some knowledge about how to control spacecraft and that scientific equipment that we would use. They also told me to practice how to fix the spacecraft, and how to wear proper equipment. Members were discussing about how we are going to experiment, and repeatedly practice the skills. Some of the members were famous in NASA, and they were spotted by people and they were excellent. For the few days, we rest and ready for the launch.
The day of mission, with nervous feeling, we approach at the base. We were ready and waiting for engineers finish checking. But engineers started to talk to each, and it looked like they were having a serious discussion. After the meeting, their team leader came and told us that there were problems, and we need to change the schedule. So it was delayed for 6 days, and we returned to the base. We went up to the enter door, I saw the ice freeze on stairs, on spacecraft, everywhere, we were worried about if we could launch safely.

After wearing our space suit, we entered the spacecraft; we turned on the engine, preparing the sign from the commander. We set down at...