Story Starter

Have you ever imagined what life would be like, as an alternate person? In a different universe? Sure. We all have, right? But it’s not like any of us get to experience it. That’s just unimaginable. But sometimes, I wish I was lucky enough to experience that. To be able to live in a big house on the hills, to be the popular guy, who gets all the ‘chicks’. Or, maybe the one to find love, to be one of the lucky, experiencing true happiness.   That’s what I was looking for the day I left. That was my aim. To find a life I would enjoy. Nobody warned me that it would lead to a life like this. I thought it meant portraying courage, bravery, and being mature. I was so wrong. It meant living alone, scared, and worried for what lays ahead of me.

Chapter One
Life’s hard for a struggling musician. That’s what I thought all my childhood. And then I turned fourteen, started at high school, and was taught that actually, most musicians never make it, so there’s no point in trying. My Maths teacher told me that, after I had skived off a lesson. That was how I was known around this dump. ‘The band geek who can’t get his head around the facts.’ What facts? That life was just a constant struggle? Or, that’s how it seemed at the moment to me. I come from what people might call a split household.
My parents fight all the time, they put me down, and they don’t really care about their children, in all honesty. Oh yeah. I better add that little piece of information in. I’m the middle child of the Vanderwolf family. I’m sixteen, and my youngest sister is eight, the other fourteen. They’re nuisances, but I’m used to it. Oh, and I’m Dylan. Dylan Vanderwolf, sixteen year old, Junior... Struggling musician. Well, I say that, but I’ve never actually performed in public properly. Ever. And, I probably never will.
And then, welcome to my school. Lakewood High School. It’s the only one in this ghost town, and it’s full of all sorts of people. Preps, skater kids, loners, nerds,...