Story of David

The Story of David

When the two armies faced each other. Goliath challenged any soldier from King Saul’s armies to step forward and battle Goliath. Goliath also wanted to show off his strength and power. Noone dared to volunteer. The king offered his daughter to marry the man who would fight goliath and kill him, and still was a dead silence among the soldiers.  

Then a young soldier stepped forward. The man was David, Everyone laughed and even king Saul said he was too young to join the battle. David and his three brothers were chosen to join King Saul’s army. His father Jessie clearly told them not to take part in the battle.

David was eager to take the challenge. He said to the King, ‘‘Allah who protected me from the claw of a lion and the fangs of a tiger would certainly protect me from this brute.’’Goliath leaned over David and said ‘‘Are you out to play war with one of your playmates or are you simply tired of your life, I can easily chop your head off with one swipe of my sword.’’

David killed goliath and people loved his courage and wisdom, he became a hero over night. David was short, he had blue eyes and little hair. He was the first king to also be a Muslim. He also had a beautiful voice and noone had ever been granted a voce like him. When ever he used to recite the Zaboor, the birds used to stop and read with him. He would finish the Zaboor in the time it takes to put the saddle on a horse.

Everyday when David went out to preach Islam. The most beloved fasting to Allah was the fasting of the Prophet David, and the most beloved prayer to Allah was the prayer of David. Soon David (a.s.) died.