Story I Wrote.

I took a deep breath of the fresh air, my eyes following the huge cliff drop to the icy water bellow. I’d seen this view since I was little and yet still found it breath taking. I live in a place called Safe ground, miles away from any place or human. The safe grounds it surrounded by huge cliffs except for a mile of downward slope covered with a deep forest. I pulled my jacket closer before turning to head by to the house, coming into view of the houses a male figure stood against a tree and shook his light blonde hair. A tempting a not-impressed head shake and look. I rolled my eyes and placed a hand on my hip, glancing at his cow-boyish shirt and denim jeans.
“You weren’t at school today, they are pretty pissed.” Jackson informed me as I scoffed, his green eyes glaring at me. I walked off without a word and heard Jackson moving to catch up, he attempted to slip his arm into mine but I pulled away quickly,
“What do you want, Jackson?”
“To know why you insist on calling me by my full name?” He asked as he pushed his hands into his pockets. I rolled my eyes once more and stopped outside a large cream house with a perfect garden out the front.
“I prefer full names.” I hissed and pushed him away before rubbing my temples. “Can you just leave me alone please.” I mumbled and turned to head for the house, I didn’t like being around Jackson at the moment. The truth was that my parent, not parents, had decide that me and Jackson were to be ‘matched together.’ My say in it didn’t count apparently. I heard Jackson say goodbye as I made my way up the yellowed gravelled path, I dragged myself into the house and new my sister was in as music filled around me and the house. I crept upstairs and into my converted three room bedroom, the rooms long and attached by archways through each wall. The walls were a pale pink colour and the carpet a cream colour. The first room was basically empty with a desk, laptop, fridge and small two seated table. The second room was lined...