Sun StorEdge™ 3510 FC Array and 3511 SATA Array Controller Module Replacement Guide

These FRU components can be replaced by customers or by Sun-trained personnel. To determine the firmware version of your I/O controller, check the model number. TABLE 1 shows the model numbers for FC and SATA I/O controllers.

I/O Controller Model Numbers
FRU Model Number X-Option

I/O Controller

3.27 FC controller 4.11G FC controller

370-5537-06 370-5537-07 370-5537-08 (or higher) 371-0532-01 370-6773-01

595-6578-05 595-6578-06 595-6578-07 (or higher) 594-3339-01 595-7419-01 595-7419-02 595-7419-03 (or higher)

4.11I or later FC controller 4.1x FC controller (RoHS) 3.27 SATA controller 4.11G SATA controller

370-6773-02 370-6773-03 (or higher)

4.11I or later SATA controller

* In a single-controller configuration, the 4.11G firmware must be upgraded to 4.11I or later, or downgraded to 3.27.

Note – The 4.1x released firmware version is available on SunSolve™: FC patch ID 113723 for the Sun StorEdge™ 3510 FC array SATA patch ID 113724 for the Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA array The 4.1x firmware upgrade requires Sun StorEdge CLI 2.4 which is available on the Sun Download Center.

Note – Go to SunSolve Online at to see the latest available firmware upgrades.
For information on version 4.1x controller firmware and 2.4 software, refer to the latest release notes. For upgrade instructions, refer to the patch README file for your product. If you keep controller firmware version 3.27, be sure to upgrade the SES firmware to the latest version in the latest 3.27 patch: ■ FC 3.27R patch ID 113723-09 for the Sun StorEdge 3510 FC array ■ SATA 3.27R patch ID 113724-03 for the Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA array


Caution – Firmware version 4.1x supports a maximum of 32 partitions per logical drive. Firmware version 3.27 supports as many as 128 partitions per logical drive on...