Stone Crusher Is of Great Significance for Construction and Mining Areas

Rock crusher machine is of great importance for construction and mining areas to break down larger pieces of stones or rocks into smaller pieces actually. It is usually used for gravel or some other road or building application. Most rock crushers have a hopper at the top and the machines use gravity to feed it in. Well, the rock crushers can use a belt drive to transport the rock into the crusher. There is a hole at almost all kinds of crusher machine actually. There are also some secondary crushers. Here, we will give you a brief introduction. Do you know jaw crusher? It is one of the oldest rock crushers used in the markets. A jaw crusher is like a giant collapsible V made out of two metal walls. The 2 walls are very close together at the bottom and are further apart at the top. The rocks or stones are crushed to smaller and smaller pieces when they go down.

Roller crusher is another kind of crusher machines and it is a set of two large metal rollers rotating in opposite or contrary directions. The rocks are fed into the space between the 2 rollers, where they are crushed and dropped to the ground. This kind of crusher machine is also regarded as a secondary crushing machine and used in the secondary crushing process. In this process, much smaller rocks are inserted to the roller actually.

The hydraulic cone crusher made by Fote Machinery adopts the world advanced technology to achieve the international standard. The industries including chemical, water and electricity, traffic and building are in need of this type of crushing equipment. Jaw crusher features high crushing ratio and as the primary crushing machine, it could be used to crush the materials with large size. We are proud to announce that Fote Machinery has become an excellent crusher enterprise for the reliable reputation built in the past few years. We pay attention to insure the quality of each part of our machines. The buyers could visit our company to inspect the quality of out products on...