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I am applying to COURSE NAME   at your UNIVERSITY   as I am looking to accentuate my business skills. I come from a family with a business background and I plan to join it after I graduate.
There comes a point in every student’s life when he has to make a choice of his career. I am now at the threshold of choosing my career and I have chosen to train myself in different aspects of Business Management as I am convinced that I can take my family business to the next level with the knowledge and experience I gain in this period.
I also wish to gain global exposure and understand the various dynamics that make up a successful business unit. I am deeply influenced by an experience shared by my friend who is a few years senior to me. My friend Sunil, an IT graduate from India got an MBA degree from a top university and worked for some of the best organisation in different parts of the globe. He came back to India armed with immense experience and knowledge and joined his family business. Today they have exceeded ten times their net value than what it was before Sunil joined them. Sunil’s experience has motivated me to pursue this course. I understand it will not be easy for me to undergo the rigorous curriculum that your University has devised for its students. However, I am confident of being able to not only cross over this barrier but also excel in most of my Business projects.

When I was in 9th Grade, we had organised a Fair at the school. The objective of the fair was to innovate a product, sell and earn profits which would then be given away to an NGO. I led my team, which comprised of 12 of us. We strategized plans and after brain storming for over two days cane up with the idea of putting up a stall that sold Sandwiches and lemonade. The idea was to cook a food item, that was instantaneous, could be modified to suit the customers palate, thus providing customer satisfaction. I negotiated with the suppliers as such that in case the raw materials were not used,...