Stls 2.1

Unit TDA 2.1 roles and responsibilities. 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 wider context in which schools operate.
The management structure of my school placement is:
School Govenors
Head Teacher
DeputyHead Teacher
Class Teachers
Learning Support Assistants
Office / Administration Staff
Lunchtime Supervisors
Caretaker / Site Manager
Breakfast Club / After School Club Staff

Below are a list of different roles within the school setting and an explanation of their roles and responsibilities.
School Governors The role of the governing body is to work with the Head teacher and local authority to ensure that the pupils receive the best education possible. Each governor will have their own area of responsibility for example ‘safeguarding’, ‘inclusion’, ‘resources’ ‘literacy link’ and ‘numeracy champion’.
Head teacher The Head teacher has overall responsibility for the school, the staff, the pupils and the education they receive. They are responsible for the day to day management and running of the school. Rather than teaching in a classroom setting, the emphasis of the Head teachers role is to provide educational vision and direction, they are required to be a strong presence around the school.
Deputy Head teacher   The Deputy Head teacher plays a very important role in managing the school. Deputises for the head teacher in her absence, she is also a full time class teacher.
SENCO Responsible for children with special educational needs and is in charge of the day to day operation of Special Educational Needs policy. Advises other staff and support teachers, in planning Individual Education Plans. Liaise with the parents of children with special educational needs. Attend regular meetings with the governor who is responsible for special educational needs. The inclusion leader also identifies areas for the school to develop with regards to special educational needs as part of the school development plan.

Year Group / KS Manager Employed to lead and manage...