Stereotyping Children

stereotypying children

Stereotyping is something that actually happens and it’s important that within school we make students aware that they can take responsibility for their own thinking rather than following members of their family, friends or other people around them. The usual stereotyping that happens is the fact that girls are supposed be good at sewing and boys good at things like mechanics ect. These cause many differences in behaviour. While girls are regarded as soft and tender, boys are regarded as strong and vigorous. This tends to influence the kind of activities they indulge in when in school, and hence cause behaviour differences. Boys may tend to choose physical activities, e.g., a four hundred metre race, while the girls do not.
However, the problem is that women are often regarded as the weaker sex, and
Considered, unable to perform as well as males in several fields. Such misconceptions
and attitudes sometimes influence women assuming pre-determined roles. This may not seem like anything but actually this sort of thinking   would encourage students to continue with this behaviour and in turn would subject other students to receiving this negative attitude which would damage their self esteem. I am also aware that culture, background and disabilities can also be used to stereo type people and I am fully aware that inclusion means that everybody should be given a chance and should be encouraged to take part in activities just because someone has disability doesn’t mean they are useless and I would never assume they cant do something. I always encourage students I work with and never judge them with regards to any of their problems but see them as a human being wanting and willing to learn to the best of there ability.