Steps for a Better Healthcare

The author exposes his   ideas regarding the new healthcare reform based on the facts and issues that USA is currently facing. The author expresses that there is the discontent from   economist and caregivers toward the new healthcare plan. First it is stated that there is a problem in terms of affordable access to healthcare.   There is approximately   35-50 million uninsured Americans.   The author explains that those with lack of access to healthcare usually delay their medical conditions until the treatment required is more costly; therefore, increasing the expenses providers incur and increasing the strain in government programs. The author disagrees with the idea of developing   a single payer system for all the Americans, since the main problem is to provide healthcare coverage and healthcare access to the 15% of the uninsured Americans instead of forcing changes upon the 85% that had somewhat affordable healthcare access.
The article implies that insurance could be seen as a blessing or a curse. A blessing by giving the opportunity to access healthcare services, and a curse given that people with low insurance co pays abuse the system and clog the emergency rooms.   It also implies that they should bear more burden of the cost   that way keep them away from the ER.
The provision   of healthcare should be centered on doctor- patient relations, not on the government and insurers profitability interests. The author is clear to say that   the American system is the one that provides the most modern technology, sophisticated and   comfortable medical facilities, and the American doctors are the ones who have won Nobel prizes. " the American researchers have made all the modern major medical breakthroughs in the last century , and it is America that attracts doctors from all over the world" (Tully, 2009, ΒΆ 9).
In conclusion, America needs a system that will provide healthcare services to those without access, in ways that will reduce the costs to consumers and...