Stem Cells

Aaron Tapper
Mrs. Harper
Stem cells are also known as the building blocks of life. Stem cells are a miracle worker and can form into any type of cell. That’s why is important that we keep funding them. Bush however did not, and turned down embryonic stem cell research twice. Embryonic stems cells are the most useful of the three types because scientist have already got them to form over 200 types of cells. The other types are adult stem cells and IPS or pluripotent stem cells. These types are not nearly as useful as embryonic stem cells. The only reason why embryonic stem cells are not liked as much is they use embryos, which are aborted or formed in dishes at a fertility clinic. Embryos are preborn babies that range from 7 weeks of age or less. This is why some people oppose of embryonic stem cell research because it kills the embryo. But sometimes you have to kill a life to save a life; in the case of stem cell research killing a life would save millions of lives.
Now with Obama in office to fund, stem cell research has gone further. Right now the government has given millions of dollars to embryonic stem cell research. President Obama passed stem cell research due to the positive effects such studies have on individuals with disabilities. One of the biggest reasons to do embryonic stem cell research is to prevent disabilities.

Preventing disabilities would be a huge benefit to society. Stem cell research could help prevent diseases that start in babies. All scientist would have to do is form the stem cells into whatever the disable cells are and replace them in the baby. It could prevent diseases, missing body parts, and other types of disabilities in a baby. A big disability stem cells could prevent is autism which affects1 in every 110 kids in the United States. Stem cells can even help people who already have any type of disability.

Stem cells can help people who do have diseases. Stems cells could help people who need a...