Stayer Bus 510 Week 4 Assignment 2 Drafting a Basic Proposal

STAYER BUS 510 Week 4 Assignment 2
Drafting a Basic Proposal

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BUS 510 Week 4 Assignment 2 Drafting a Basic Proposal

Your next task is to create the basic first draft of the proposal for Goodness Falls. Be
sure to address all six (6) sections of the proposal as you include the concept,
program, and expenses. Use the Internet to locate prices of the expenses associated
with the project (New computers, bulletproof vests, lamp posts, motorcycles or
horses, replacing broken windows, and computer training for the officers.) Also,
utilize the Internet to locate references that will help to guide you in writing this
draft of the proposal.

Note: Normally you would meet with the mayor or chief of police to review their
specifications for the equipment and training needed. However, for this project, you
will be making those reasonable cost decisions yourself so you can put your proposal
together in a timely manner.

Below is a chart of the six (6) sections of a proposal, in order. Be sure to include the
concept, program, and expenses from above in your proposal. Each section needs to
be labeled (Executive Summary, Statement of Need, etc.) and on its own separate

Section of Proposal
Executive Summary


State your case and summary of the entire proposal
(1) page

Statement of Need
Project Description


Why this project is necessary


One (1) page

Details of how the project will be implemented
(1) page

Budget Financial description of project and any explanatory notes


One (1) page

Organization of Information
Make up a history of governing structure of the
nonprofit organization, (or locate an organization that matches what you will need)
its activities, audiences, and...