Stayer Bus 510 Week 2 Assignment 1 Developing a Vision and Mission Statement

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BUS 510 Week 2 Assignment 1 Developing a Vision and Mission Statement
The Township of Goodness Falls is a medium-sized town in a rural part of the state. The township is facing several issues and the mayor feels that before raising taxes to cover these items, the time is now to get out in front of the issues by forming a fundraising committee or looking for an established nonprofit agency to help search for grants to help the city and the police department. The city needs to look for a grant, or grants, to pay for police equipment and computer training for the entire force. The police badly need four (4) new computers, twelve (12) bulletproof vests, eight (8) telephones and two (2) motorcycles (or horses) to catch criminals on foot. Once an agency is selected or a committee is formed internally, the township will also need funding for eighteen (18) street lights for a high-crime neighborhood and there is a suggestion to form a task force to count the broken windows in another neighborhood and begin the process of getting those repaired or replaced. This morning, someone else added that the fire department would soon need a new fire truck.
For this assignment, pretend that you work for a nonprofit organization in this township and you are already on a standing committee for community development. You have just heard about the city’s needs, and you have approached the Director to ask if you can work on this project. The director has given you this approval, if your agency can get the computer training portion of the grant monies. The director mentioned that there may be a person in the community who may be willing to donate a motorcycle to the city through your nonprofit agency. Your committee does not meet again for another week, and you have...