Status of Girl Child

A girl child is the female specie of Homo sapiens. She has a distinct psychological physiological, biological and emotional features that makes her different from the boy child.

At birth, a boy child is preferred and pampered, the girl child is not so welcomed.
She undergoes female genital multination at tender age, she is subjected to over burdening of the household chores to prepare her for the societal role of home keeping while the boy child is either playing football or watching   television.
She is given out in marriage at early ages to ensure that she does not become promiscuous at the expense of her education and training.

We see, everywhere in each corner of the world, girls face discrimination. It is bitter that, they often receive less food than boys do, have less entrée to schooling, and in many countries of the world, works long hours when they are only 5 or 6 years old. It is a growing landmark, eighty million girls aged 6 to 11 do not even go to school. And why can't we see the helpless agony of the girl child around the world. Their ignorance will certainly beget to forget our cause, which is still fractured in the regions. We see, in societies where a male child is regarded as more valuable to the family, girls often are: denied the right of life; denied the right to name and nationality. And by being married off early or forced to stay at home and help in domestic chores, girls are often denied: the right to education and all the advantages that go with it; the right to associate freely; the rights accompanying unjustified deprivation of liberty. These all are the basic humiliation from the family to the girls when boys are regarded as the pillar of tomorrow. Neither they are allowed to go freely nor, they able to associate in the society as male boys do liberally. Only a few highly civilized countries don't face such discrimination extremely.

Since then there has been tremendous progress in every field but unfortunately still the girls...