Statistics- Research and Evaluation

ANOVA Simulation
By: Brandi Clingan
RES 342
Dr. Lee Goen
June 22, 2011

          The ANOVA simulation provides the user a lot of great information decision making. Also the simulation allows the user to help make decisions based on inquires and even test results of data collected.
      After the simulation the three lessons learned were that when deciding between ANOVA and nonparametric testing requires knowledge of if the situation is going to require a one or two way test. Then after deciding if it is going to require one or two way testing it is pertinent to figure if there is normal distribution. Both of these lessons are good but the tester still needs to watch for the major assumptions. Random errors that are independent of each other, normal distribution, and have the same variance, all of which are important factors when choosing ANOVA and nonparametric test for the data collected.
      Although the simulation was good and provided a lot of information it still kind of lacked important information. Some ideas would be giving surveys, having mentoring, or even job shadowing. The surveys would be administered to allow tenure employees to have input on how to make the skills easier and quicker to learn for the new hires. Mentoring is an idea that would allow tenure employees to share their experience and knowledge with the new hires on a one on one basis. Job shadowing could be a way to assist a new hire in learning a certain position faster. Job shadowing allows hands on training which comes in hand for people that are hands on learners.
    Since I work in a departmental team environment the concepts learned in this simulation could help in both the departmental and the team environment. Each month our team and department have standards that need to be met. The tools provided would help check our production based on each team individually or as a departmental whole. This would give supervisor’s ways to spots areas that need improvement or to...