Statehouse Victories

GOP wins big, but statehouse victories may be bigger

After the recent elections, republicans have expanded their power. They have been able to successfully take over the House of Representatives. It is said that their success at state level could have the most impact. It will allow them to control congressional and state legislative districts across the country. It will extend their power for at least a decade. They have been successful in winning 19 state legislative chambers that were previously controlled by the Democrats. They have gained control in areas that Democrats used to have all power. With the Republicans taking over, it could reshape the electoral map. Republicans now control 25 states and as many as 189 congressional districts while Democrats control the redrawing of only 26 congressional districts and take control of only 16 states. With the power earned, Republicans control fates of new congressional districts allowing them to gain as many as four new seats in the House of Representatives.
The power gained allows the Republicans to take control for awhile. With new seats in the House of Representatives, it will be hard for the Democrats to regain control. They have gained so much power that it will be able to last a good amount of time without the Democrats regaining power. By gaining power in the redistricting process it allows for a multiplier effect. It is almost ensured that Republicans will have power to control the redrawing of congressional district lines. Since Republicans have so much power it can cause disputes between the two parties. Republicans are controlling most of the redrawing of the districts, which in part the Democrats are not happy about since they have so much control. Democrats have little say, creating conflict with the two parties. The parties will compete against each other for power. Democrats will fight to regain the power that they lost.