Stategic Policy Committees


Module: PA 4013

Title Number: 3

3. (a) Outline the contribution of the CDB and Strategic Policy Committees in one local authority area.
  (b) Has the creation of such structures made local government more effective?

              County/city development boards were set up in response to the establishment of the Task Force Report in 1998. This report proposed setting up these development boards in each of the twenty-nine county councils and in each of the five major cities. These development boards were set up in 2000, in response to the main objective of the Government’s Programme for Local Government Renewal. This objective is closer partnership between local authorities and local development bodies operating at local level.
                The CDBs hope is to bring about an integrated approach to the delivery of both State and local development services at local level. Each CDB is required to prepare and oversee the implementation of a ten year county/city Strategy for Economic, Social and Cultural Development, which will provide the template guiding all public services and local development activities locally; in effect bringing more coherence to the planning and delivery of services at local level (County and City Development Boards 2006). CDBs have brought together the key players at local level to engage in a process of long-term planning for each county or city.
              The CDBs aim to ensure the avoidance of duplication in the delivery of services at local levels, as well as filling gaps in meeting the needs of their communities.
              Strategic Policy Committees are a new layer of committees at city/county level. These committees derived from a Better Local Government initiative which was launched in 1996. They replaced the existing committee system and was anchored in the main functions of the local authorities. The number of SPCs is tailored to the size of each council. SPCs assist the county council...