Start of Tma E111

My Role
I currently volunteer at a large primary school within east Scotland I am working four afternoons a week. The school is made up of 14 classrooms also adjoining nursery. I work alongside another teaching assistant that I have been shadowing for some time now, I have after the October break been giving my own classrooms. I will be working with primary 3/4, primary 1, primary 6 and also primary 2/3. The head teacher has tried to ensure I have wide range of knowledge and experience throughout the entire curriculum for excellence. (KU 1.4)
My afternoon starts at the playground at lunchtime making sure pupils are safe and abiding by school rules, the bell rings and the pupils’ line up for their teacher to bring them back to class. On a Monday Wednesday and Thursday I will go to one of the primary four class, the teaching assistant I was shadowing provides one on one care to a pupil in this class, the class teacher will give me a small group of pupils to work with. I take the small group to a work area outside of the classroom focusing on the task they have been giving, their class work that they have not yet finished and they need to catch up, never giving them the answers although pointing them in the right direction.(KU 1.1) When the group I have been working with have finished all their work I return to the classroom with them, I provide help with all the class with any issues that may arise. (PPS 4.3)
On Tuesday after playground duties entails the teaching assistant and myself get the ECO group together, when take them to the school garden, where they weed the garden planet seeds and bulbs, they also have a pond in the school garden which the ECO group maintain. On days that the weather is not great to have the ECO group outside we have taught them how to make items for the garden such as ladybird houses and grass caterpillars. (PPS 4.3)