1.0 Introduction:
In this report we will evaluate possible alternative strategies for Kungfu. And then identify and evaluate resource requirements for successful implementation of our selected strategy for Kungfu. Next, we will propose target and timescales to monitor the implementation of selected strategy for Kungfu. Finally we will compare the roles and responsibilities between Kungfu and Air China Limited.

2.0 TOWS Matrix – Generation of Alternative Strategies
|                                         |Strengths (S)                                 |Weaknesses (W)                         |
|                                         |Streamlined logistics centers in South, East,|Senior management team lack             |
|                                         |and North China – purchasing, processing, and|international exposure and experience. |
|                                         |distribution                                 |Brand’s perception problem amongst the |
|                                         |Strongly entrenched Kungfu brand amongst the |sophisticated Chinese consumers.       |
|                                         |consumers.                                   |staff turnover amongst the service     |
|                                         |Well-diversified product-mix with breakfast   |associates.                             |
|                                         |special , lunch specials etc.                 |Lack of awareness about Kungfu Brand   |
|                                         |competitive pricing for their fast food meals|                                       |
|                                         |                                             |                                       |
|                                         |                                             |                                       |
|Opportunities (O)                       |SO Strategies                                 |WO...