Starbucksdefining the Terrain

Discussion Questions
1. What do you think of the company's guiding principles? Describe how the company's guiding principles would influence how a barista at a local Starbucks store does his or her job. Describe how these principles would influence how one of the company's top executives does his or her job.
2. Do you think Howard Schultz views his role more from the omnipotent or from the symbolic perspective? Explain.
3. What has made Starbucks' culture what it is? How is that culture maintained?
4. Does Starbucks encourage a customer responsive culture? An ethical culture? Explain.
5. Describe some of the specific and general environmental components that are likely to impact Starbucks.
6. How would you classify the uncertainty of the environment in which Starbucks operates? Explain.
7. What stakeholders do you think Starbucks might be most concerned with? Why? What issue(s) might each of these stakeholders want Starbucks to address?
8. Why do you think Howard Schultz is uncomfortable “with the idea of legislative lobbying? Do you think his discomfort is appropriate? Why or why not?
9. What types of global economic and legal-political issues might Starbucks face?
10. You're responsible for developing a global cultural awareness program for Starbucks' executives who are leading the company's international expansion efforts. Describe what you think will be important for these executives to know.
11. Go to the company's Web site ( and find the latest Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report. Choose one of the key areas in the report (or your professor may assign one of these areas). Describe and evaluate what the company has done in this key area.
12. What do you think the company's use of the term partners instead of employees implies? What’s your reaction to this? Do you...