Organizational Behavior and Communication
      Starbucks Corporation is a company that has an average of more that $35 million customer visits each week. This company which was founded in 1971 in Seattle,   also has stores in more than 37 countries which has more loyal patrons that return more than 18 times a month to purchase this companies coffee. Their stores can now be found throughout the world to include Europe, United States, Latin America and even the Middle East. According to Michelli (2007), Starbucks is more than just a story. Starbucks culture is providing a brand and product excellence. The company has won glowing accolades due to their business and how they run their business throughout the world. In 2007, Starbucks was recognized by Fortune as one of America’s best companies to work for (Fortune, 2008).
      The company’s senior executive was able to focus on the company’s core values, culture and the principles of the company’s mission statement. The company’s mission is to establish itself as a premier purveyor. Along with this they are looking at providing the finest coffee in the world along with maintaining their principles as they grow. The six principles that Starbucks focuses on are: providing a great work environment along with treating each other with respect and dignity; embracing diversity, which will be an essential component in the way the company does business; making sure that the company uses the highest status when it comes to purchasing, roasting and eve delivery fresh coffee; Being able to develop customers whom are enthusiastically satisfied all of the time; being able to contribute positively whether it be the environment or else the communities in which they are involved in; and being able to recognize in order to have a future of success that there is profitability.
      Howard Schultz’s vision was not to focus on company, but to focus on making sure that there was satisfaction for the employees and the customers. The...