Market Equilibration Paper
Thuong Nguyen
August 18, 2014
Alfred Igbodipe
Market Equilibration Paper
      According to Poctzer, A., Poctzer, S., (2010) “examined marketing and economics are interesting in consumer behavior within micro and micro levels. Studying economic with many variable subject about individual nature explain resource allocation, policies for pricing, decision making and so on”. The market has different concepts, theories, and research because the relationship of consumer and supplier that affect condition exchanged in marketing and economics. Economics divides into macroeconomics, and microeconomics to form policies for businesses and decision.
Market Equilibrating Process
      Market equilibrium is confirm by the number of good supplied equals the number of goods in demand. Once the number of goods supplied equals the number of goods demand, the market situation at that moment is said to be in equilibrium. Law of demand and law of supply state other things remaining the same, with every fall in the price of a particular product, its demand goes on increasing. Many sources like prices, tastes, income, preferences of consumer (McConnell, Brue, & Flynn, 2009).

      In economics the elasticity is important role in the concepts of economics. We have to understand the way that firms price their products. We have to follow Government rule about set tax rates, public policy works or not. Elasticity has calculator the price of specific   required for demand or .supply. Another hand, a more report about how to survive during wintertime.   For example, compare the demand for pedicure in summer time and the demand for manicure in wintertime.   Graphically, one might find that the demand curves for a typical consumer would look like this:

|Equilibrating Process                                                                                                                         |
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