Starbucks Strategic Plan

Starbucks Corporation
Date Submitted: November 20, 2006
ECON: 309-01


Stacey Belsterling

Table of Contents

Overview page page 3

Historical Overview page 4

Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives                                         page 6

Internal Organization Analysis (SWOT)
Financial position and capacity page 7
Organizational structure/culture page 8
Human resources page 9
Operations/production page 10
Product/service overview page11
Marketing page11
Research and development page 12
Management information systems page 12
IFE Matrix appendix C

External Environment Analysis (SWOT)
Economic page 13
Social, cultural, demographic and natural environment page 14
Technological page 15
Competitive page 15
International                                                                                     page 15
Political/Legal page 16
EFE Matrix appendix D

Consumer profile page 17

Strategic direction page 17

A page 20
B page 22
C page 24
D                                                                                                       page 25
References page 26

Overview Page
Company name and name of relevant subsidiaries
      Starbucks Corporation
Corporate Headquarters address
      2401 Utah Avenue South
      Seattle, Washington 98134
Telephone number
      (206) 447-1575
Fax number
      (206) 447-0828
Web site address
CEO name
Orin C. Smith
Annual sales volume
6.4 billion in global sales
Total number of employees
Number of branch locations in the United States
5,393 company operated, 2,952 licensed
Listing of international locations
      1,357 company operated in Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, Southern China, Thailand, U.K., Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
      2,082 joint venture and licensed...