Starbucks a History

Starbucks: The Beginning, Getting Here, and Competitive Position
Marie Paschal
MGT400 Managing People for Performance
Instructor: Laura Williams
January 10, 2014
Argosy University

In 1971, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gorden Bowker started on a journey in Seattle, WA; three guys who had a real zeal for fresh coffee. Started selling gourmet coffee beans that was fresh roasted out of their small shop as well as brewing and roasting accessories. They did well until things began to change in the 80’s. (Garza, G 2014)
In 1982 Retail Sales and Marketing man Howard Schultz is brought on board. In 1985, Schultz leaves the company to found Il Giornale. In 1987 the owners of Starbucks Coffee Company sell their business and name for $3.7million. They merge with Il Giornale, changed the Logo to Starbucks’ current well known logo- the deep green ring inscribed with “Starbucks Coffee,” which encompasses a black and white siren and became STARBUCKS. (Garza)
In 1988 Starbucks opened the door for consumers to purchase the coffee they love to drink without having to go to a shop, now they could order it from a catalog and in 1991 it was expanded to airport licensed stores. In 1992 something big happened, the company went public. In 1996, the start of worldwide growth started, first in Hawaii and Japan and in 1997 the Philippines joined the group. (Pederson, J.P. 2000)
June 2000, Schultz steps down as CEO, but stays on as chief global strategist and remained the chairman. This happened after roughly half the total of Schultz’s aspiring objectives to get 500 Starbucks in Japan and Europe by 2003, along with a goal at the end of the tunnel of 20,000 Starbucks globally is achieved. (Pederson)  

Now, what is Starbucks status at the end of 2013? Well it had its best year in 42 years of history as its revenue hit a whopping $14.9billon by doing what it likes doing best, serving their customers. In 2013FORTUNE Magazine’s ranked Starbucks as the...