Star Bucks

Starbucks is the leading retailer of specialty coffee in the world.   The coffee chain was founded in 1971 and is currently based in Seattle, Washington. This coffee chain is best known for its robust tasting coffee and espressos and its creamy lattes just to name a few.   This company has rapidly grown possessing more than 15,000 coffee stores in more than 40 countries throughout the world.   Between 1990 and 2006 Starbucks was opening a store at the swift pace of one store per day.   As of 2008 Starbucks Coffee Corporation has over 11,000 stores located in the United States, over 4000 stores located across the globe.
With the recent decline in the United States economic market and the countries overall economic condition has forced Starbucks to close over 600 stores throughout the United States.   With the downsizing of Starbucks may cause major concern with regards to consumer satisfaction and customer service.   Customers that once had a large selection of Starbuck stores to choose from now only have one or two stores to frequent.   This may pose a problem for patrons as far as convenience and accessibility.   By closing these stores may even cause congestion in stores and overworked staff which is fatal combination when measuring customer service and satisfaction.  
The primary purpose of this research is to determine if the recent closures will affect consumer confidence in the Starbucks products and customer service.   This project will also reveal how patrons rate the service and products that they receive at Starbucks. Does the customer perception of Starbucks customer service really match up to what they ultimately receive?   The results of this research project may also provide the management team of Starbucks pertinent information that maybe useful to management in determining areas that need improvement, discover potential revenue opportunities and to commend employees who go above and beyond...