Stanford Prison

Mental Sets                                                 Stanford Prison study

          If I was a guard at Stanford Prison , Ithink I would of been a tough but fair guard in

the beginning. I would try to treat everyone fair and equal. But I'm sure after disrespect

and concern for my safety my behavior my change. I would also be fearful to object orders

from the bad guard as they are my coworkers.

            I would report any abuse to the proper chain of commend. I would also make sure

that the inmates feel safe in there environment.   And I know that doing so places my at

risk. Due to going against my co workers i place myself in harm. If I'm placed in altercation

with an inmates   my coworkers my feel the need not to assist me due to me treat the

inmates as equals. So with that said i will have to be willing to risk my safety daily.

              I'm pretty sure I would carry my morals with me threw out the experiment. Its hard to

imagine myself not defending the prisoners in some ways from the bad guard cruel actions.

As I am a person full of love and are for ant living thing. I would continue to express that

daily at work. Even with all the pressure of work/ experiment my off hours would give me a

chance to regroup and focus on the bigger project.

        Since i am an emotional person i would wear glasses daily to shield my emotion from

my coworkers and prisoners as i wouldn't want to appear weak in front of them. As i

wouldn't want he inmates to find me a weak link and take advantage of my kindness.Not

just with the guard but also the other inmates. It's important to remember that this is an


          How do the ethical dilemmas is this research compare with the ethical issues raised by

Stanley Milgram's obedience experiments. They both where the same due to it let the

participants act upon whats right and wrong. And with that no one can truly say if...