Task 1
Identify the key stakeholders in your area of responsibility and describe their primary needs. Define your team’s objectives and show the involvement of the key stakeholders in relation to these. Explain how you ensure that you and your team meet both the stakeholders’ needs and your team’s objectives. Identify the consequences to your team and your organization as a whole of not meeting the needs of each of your key stakeholders.
1.1. Identify stakeholders in relation to the team’s objectives:
In my company our stakeholders are:
• Colleagues
• Consumers
• Employees
• Local council
• Government
• Potential employees
• Recruitment agencies
• HMRC (tax)
• Owners / Directors
• Managers
• Customers
• Competitors
Stakeholder definition – a stakeholder is any group or individual with an interest or a stake in the operations of the company or organization- anyone who can affect or be affected by its activities.

The company’s owners invest capital in the business and gets profit from business; the main objectives are profit and growth of the business. Same as business workers / employees of the business who give in their time and effort to make a business successful, the main objectives are for them job security, job satisfaction and a satisfactory level of payment for their efforts. Managers are employees of the business who can manage business, they lead and control the workers to achieve organizational goals, and main objectives for them are high salaries, job security, status and growth of the business. Consumers these are people who buy the goods and services of our business and the main objectives for them are safe and reliable products, value for money, proper after sales service. Our government manages the economy, and charges a tax from the business and also monitors the working of business in the country; the main objectives for government are successful business, employments to be created, more taxes, follow laws. Community is all...