Stages of Child Development

Stages of Child Development - Handout
|Age Range         |Emotional                                         |Physical                                         |Cognitive (Intellectual)                         |Language                                         |
|0-9mths           |Significant emotional attachment to parents       |Many hours sleep a day                           |Simple responses e.g. to sound, smell, movement, |Aware of other sounds and responds to familiar   |
|                   |(usually mother)                                 |Simple body movements (waves arms/kicks legs)     |objects, bright colours and light.               |voices                                           |
|                   |Emotional extremes (fear, anger, joy)             |Begins to sit, roll over, crawl, pull up and     |Uses mouth to explore objects                     |Responds to smiles and turns head to face sounds |
|                   |Requires routine, familiarity, comfort and       |independently from @ 6mths                       |Recognises parents and responds to their voices   |Makes noises other than crying for attention e.g.|
|                   |security                                         |Able to grasp object placed in hand and then to   |then individual faces and familiar people         |gurgling, babbling                               |
|                   |Begins to Shows likes and dislikes (e.g. toys &   |reach as hand eye coordination develops           |Egocentric (self-centred)~ sees world in relation|At @ 7mths may utter two syllable ‘words’ e.g.   |
|                   |food)                                             |Tries to lift head and can roll from side to back|to self only                                     |daada’, ‘maama’                                   |
|                   |                                                 |then able to control head to follow               |Later enjoys reveal games such as peep-bo. Stores|Begins to...