Staff Structure

Staff structure
Head teacher
Head teacher has overall responsibility for the school its staff and its pupils, the education they receive. They are responsible for supervising staff, building relationships with students, monitoring a school’s disciplinary codes and perform administrative duties. They are responsible for the day to day operations of a school. They must coordinate with the school’s governing board, superintendent, and Board of Education to determine that a school is meeting its required educational standards. Headmasters are responsible for developing new academic and interscholastic programs, seeking and securing funding for those programs and tracking data related to the success of such programs. In addition to tracking a school’s educational performance, the headmaster must also evaluate a school’s adherence to civil and health codes. They are also tasked with enforcing school disciplinary roles, codes of ethics, and preventing potential safety violations. Working with students and staff, the headmaster should create the most effective educational environment possible. Headmasters must interview, train and coach all staff members including everyone from custodians to teachers. Additionally, they are responsible for recognizing and seeking treatment for students with behavioral or learning complications.
Deputy Head teacher
Plays a major part managing the school particularly in the absences of the head. Often responsible for a curriculum area or specific areas of school management. Raising Standards of Teaching and Learning. To support the head teacher with the overall management and leadership of the school. To undertake any professional duties of the head teacher reasonably delegated. To undertake the professional duties of the head teacher in the event of their absence from the school.   Formulating the aims and objectives for the school establishing the policies through which they shall be achieved. Managing staff and resources to the...